Make the wait great!

5 things to do after your child's mental health referral has finally been accepted

You want clarity, and direction, not closed doors and ticking clocks.

And you know that stopping and preparing is what you need to get there.

The problem is, you're so tired.

You've had to share every single negative thing your child has ever thought, said or done to get to this point.

You're now wondering if they'll lose all your paperwork again. Or how long you'll be waiting, and if things will just keep getting worse while you wait.

If you're reading this, nodding, I've got news to share:

There's a better way so keep on reading.


Make the wait great!
  • A 5-part guide to help you keep going and get your child the support you need - without having to repeat yourself constantly or losing your own mind.

With make the wait great you'll be able to:

  1. Understand more about how the mythical mental-health system can work
  2. Keep your family focussed on their strengths, not deficits
  3. Gather what you need for the first appointment - whenever it is
  4. Ensure you don't get lost while you wait

What people say...

As this is a new training, I don't yet have specific feedback for 'make the wait great'. This is what people say about my style and knowledge, though:

You might be wondering… 

How long will this take?  

Going through Make the wait great! itself will take around 45 minutes.
I kept it short and sweet so you can dive straight into time for you.

To take the steps inside will depend on how much time you have and want to spend. There are templates I have used as both a parent and professional to help when you have the dreaded 'blank page syndrome' coupled with an immediate deadline.  

 What if I have had enough of therapists?

  Fair enough! I know the frustrations of asking for help, then being sent to another department, or a totally different professional.  

This isn't for you if:
- you have a child that is currently at a high risk of hurting themselves
- you don't have a support system around you
(though we do explore ways to form this within the guide)
- you don't believe that anything can or will change for you or your child
- you haven't yet made any referrals for help; it's made on the assumption that you are already in the mythical waiting room

 What will I need to complete this?  

We recommend a big file or cloud storage (being mindful of confidentiality).
Do I need to be within the UK?
No. You may want to let me know about the services you're waiting for, but though I am UK based, this guide has been created for any family seeking mental health support for their child.

 What if I don’t learn anything new?  

Please get in touch within 30 days of purchase if you require a refund.

I have a different question. 
Great! Send us an email on to find out more. 

Hi! I'm Louise!

I'm a parent and Play Therapist who has had to navigate mental health systems for my child.

I've worked with families for over 15 years and worked in both private and public sectors. The information shared in this guide has helped me to not lose hope while waiting and has helped families I've worked with to feel less alone and more empowered.

This 5 part guide looks at you, your child and provides templates to reduce the time you need to spend getting the high quality support your child needs.

Course Summary

You've spent so long getting to this point, proving you need support and now you've been told you have to wait anything between 12 weeks to 3 years for the support?!

This 5 part guide will hold your hand in creating the ultimate bridge to that support so that you don't have to see things get even worse in what can feel like a never-ending waiting room.  

Course Curriculum

Louise Worrall

Play Therapist specialising in rebuilding relationships between carers and their children. 

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Make the wait great


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