Supporting the Counselling Connection

A guide to making the most of your child's counselling experience

Course Summary

This is a brief audio guide to the counselling process for children, and what you can do as their adult to support the journey.
Take just 33 minutes, broken down into bite-size sections, to become a key part of your child's counselling.

All too often I hear from parents who feel left out of the counselling process. They know their child needs support, they can wait for years to access the support and then they have little time with the counsellor. This guide takes you from feeling helpless to helpful, to knowing what you can do as a family and provides a deeper insight into the process from start to finish.

Deliberately kept short and in audio format so that you can listen while you're washing up, driving to the school run or anything else your day needs, this guide has been designed with you in mind by an experienced Play Therapist.

You, weary carer, fed up of being reduced to the your parent status in meetings, nameless.
You, caring parent, who would move mountains for your child if you could.
You, who your child prefers to any professional.

You can take this guide and be prepared for this part of your child's counselling journey. 

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Louise Worrall

Play Therapist specialising in rebuilding relationships between carers and their children. 

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