The Mothership/a maiden voyage…

When the car was so broke I got the chance to experience the perspective from the back seat next to him thanks to kind friends driving us

I’m still working out my ‘online presence’ – what a millennial sentence that feels, though I’ve a feeling I’m the generation before that, strictly speaking. I feel as though if you’d made it to my blogs, you’d want to know a little something about me. (But what is all this focus on feelings?) And so what better day than Mother’s Day 2019? My first as a fully self-employed parent, and my child is a big reason for why and how I do what I do. But as you can imagine, training in a Masters in Play Therapy when he was just 3 years old and a major life change had happened to us, I could regularly feed the mum-guilt monster. Instead, spending time with lots of families for whom parenting is no longer fun, is more a mission or endurance test than a walk in the park and/or is carefully curated, I try and remain in the moment when I get to be with my son. It’s also why you’ll find me telling you I’m not in sessions if it’s an INSET day, why I’m currently mainly term-time only and why I believe passionately in strengthening families, of all shapes and sizes. Becoming a mother has been one of the biggest adventures I was clearly not prepared for, and I’m determined to stay the course while supporting others who are doing so, too.

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