A flotilla is a fleet of boats, charting the same route, and we at Voyage feel that you are the best captain of your family ship. We’re here to help at various docking stations in life and we work with your existing strengths, regardless of past circumstance.

We have a project that will involve families who have previously been apart working together, in the school holidays, to strengthen and develop their relationship. Please click on the link boxes below for further information.

Project development being funded by:GAVO / Gwent Regional Partnership Board Intermediate Care Fund Small Grant Scheme 2019/20

We need you! Thanks to funding from the GAVO/Gwent Regional Partnership Board Intermediate Care Fund Small Grant Scheme 2019/20 for our Project: flotilla, we are able to work with families to continue designing a unique and original project based on your feedback. It was originally going to run in Newport but we have been able to gather views from all over the UK and beyond in preparation for running it in 2021. Some of the topics can be sensitive and answers to the surveys are anonymous (unless you don’t want to be) but if you are in a family that has had a parent living away from home in the hope of returning stronger, or a professional working in various fields, we’d love to hear from you on the surveys here- https://www.vohts.co.uk/project-flotilla/

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…if you have ever had a loved one spend time away from their family home as part of a rehabilitation process including custody, secure accommodation and drug or alcohol withdrawal treatment amongst other reasons, we would like to hear from you.

…if you are a professional who has worked to help families strengthen their skills, particularly in the areas of resettlement, reunification, recovery and mental heath support, we want to hear from you, too. Please feel free to share!